The Real Paul Bunyan

"The Real Paul Bunyan" is a new documentary about America's most fascinating mythical lumberjack. From Maine to Minnesota, and on the the Pacific Northwest, this movie tracks the migration of a national folk hero.

Over thirty subjects, with varying expertise, were interviewed in seven states, as well as Ontario, Canada.

In viewing this film you will find out how Paul Bunyan helped industrialize America, and become a twentieth century icon. You will hear new and old stories about Paul Bunyan's adventures, as well!

Final touches are being put on this exciting new movie and screenings will begin this fall.

"The Real Paul Bunyan" is directed by Daniel Taradash, a Minneapolis native and film program graduate of MCTC.

By the way, if you are still not aware of what became of the beloved statue of Paul that was at the amusement park in Brainerd, do not fear. He is now residing at This Old Farm, seven miles east of Brainerd. Click on in the links section for more information.